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My Journey in Finding the Best Doctor's Notes on the Internet

Using a Doctors Excuse for Work – A Few Secret Tips

by admin on November 8, 2012

Using a doctors note as an excuse to get out of work or school isn’t something to be taken lightly. Perhaps as an employee you’re over worked and seeking a better job and need the time off to do a major interview. Maybe you just need a mental health day or week. Perhaps as a student you have a huge test coming up and require the time to study. The note you present must be believable and convincing for employers and teachers to excuse the person from their responsibilities until such a time as they are deemed well enough to return to their normal routine.


Additionally, the person mustn’t be seen in or around town unless they appear to be enroute to the drs. office or pharmacy if one wants their excuses to be believed by their peers, employer and teacher. Remember also that if two of your are in cahoots, you both need a note and the notes should be very different. Maybe one has a dental appointment while another has a physician appointment. One must also be cautious and not use the same note more than once as this can also raise suspicion.


Many have relied on free sample notes found on the internet or even forged by a friend. The problem with notes such as these examples are that if it’s another student or co worker, someone may recognize the handwriting.


Blank forms of course, abound on the internet and many feel that they simply need to fill in the blanks and they’re home scot free. If one lives in a small town there are also a limited number of physicians from which to choose so one must go the extra mile and find out names of physicians in more metropolitan areas when using a template for a printable form.


Information on the note must be verifiable should the employer or teacher call the physician listed. Find a message number to use or a disposable cell number to use always find a way to use a verifiable source when submitting a doctors note to anyone in authority. These papers will go into a permanent school record or employment record. If they are found to be false class credit can be withdrawn and employment can easily be terminated.


Finding templates from a hospital or clinic that are believable when someone has an absence or sick leave is imperative to returning to work or school without losing credibility. Although these abound on the internet one must make sure that they aren’t easily accessible by just anyone. Bosses and teachers aren’t stupid and if something is right there in plain sight many will find it and confront the employee or student.


Although it sounds incongruous there are actually legit sites out there on the internet that deal with such downloadable forms. These medical forms are copied from actual dr. forms from all areas of the country including Texas.


Medical forms require a bit of medical terminology to be believable. One must also have access to a good printer such as those used in a medical facility that don’t smudge or smear the ink. There are all kinds of places to find a doctors note template, but we have seen some good stuff on this page.


One must be wary of spelling a medical condition wrong as one never knows when a teacher or employer might have a relative with such a condition. One should have a good working knowledge of their “condition” prior to their return to work or school in order to back up any statements made on their note.


It’s also important to remember that many doctors today not only sign the forms, but they also print them in order for legibility.


Along with a doctors form one will also need a release form to return to school or work should one be out more than a few short days. Until such a discharge form is presented many employers will not allow the employee to return to full time work or full responsibilities.


Using such a note takes almost as much responsibility as going to work or school so one must guard where one gets such notes and make sure their notes are of the highest quality and will pass any inspection from an employer or teacher.


Whatever your goals are and whatever your reason is for presenting such a note to your employer or school, we are here to help you accomplish your goals with minimal effort so that you can enjoy your time off without fear of any ramifications from your adventure.

Four Elements a Doctor’s Note MUST Have to Look Real

by admin on August 28, 2012

Fake doctors notes are now gaining widespread popularity amongst thousands of people. With stricter rules on jobs, and increasing health care costs, more and more people now prefer a fake doctors note for addressing their immediate needs. Even though there may be few risks involved, some people find it much easier to use fake doctors note than visiting a doctor every time they are unwell, and take a day off their work.

If you are interested in using such doctor notes, you must ensure that they look like real thing. Therefore, you need to keep few things in mind to ensure that these notes look real before you submit them to your company.  (One of teh best fake doctor note sites we’ve seen is BestFakeDoctorsNotes.net)

Main Elements to be included in notes:

As these fake doctor notes are actually legal documents (check out this amazing article on a few guys with documents), you must ensure the presence of these four elements on these notes.

  • Date and time- You must include accurate date and time that you saw in the clinic, on the fake doctors note. It should have dates on which you’ve excused yourself from work. This is important information which should be included in the doctor’s note. (Check here to get some great notes)
  • Contact details-The contact information of doctor should be there on the doctor note. Aside from the name of doctor, it should also include their phone number and address so that doctor can be easily reached as well.
  • Name of the person seen – In order to make fake doctor notes look real, you should include your name on the form. Aside from that, there is no need to give extensive information about your medical condition, as this may violate HIPPA privacy laws.
  • Limitations – You should also include any limitations you may have for next few days. For instance, if you cannot wear specific type of dress, or wear a certain types of shoes, you should include these facts in the note as well.

doctors notes (I recommend the ‘Security Package’ after you download for an extra boost of success)

Limitations that you can add to the notes

You can add a limitation of being allowed to lift limited weight, say ten pounds, limiting walking, standing or limitation of working for few hours. Any limitation that you add to the doctor note should sound legitimate.

Therefore, if you’ve decided to use fake doctor notes from any website to take some time off work, you should keep these things in mind to ensure that your note sound believable and reasonable.

Printable Dr Notes: Time Off Without the Risk of Consequence

by admin on August 7, 2012

If you’re feeling overworked and extremely overwhelmed, you are not alone. Many people out in the working world today are spending more and more time in the office, allowing very little time for anything else in their life. With demanding work hours and workloads piling up, it is almost impossible to have time to step back and take a breath. Even the hardest of workers know when enough is enough. Sometimes to just need to take a break and have a day or two to yourself. But whether because of your minimal vacation times, limited amounts of sick days, or simply because your boss refuses to give to time off, sometimes getting this time off that you need is easier said than done.


The policy at many places of work is that if you are sick, you are not to come into work for fear of getting others sick. Once you return however, you must present your boss with a doctor’s note explaining why you were out. Getting one of these doctors notes if you are not sick is almost impossible however. To get around this, many people have resorted to creating their own homemade doctors notes to present to their boss. This is never a good idea. Your employer will be able to tell almost immediately that these notes are fake because of how unprofessional these homemade doctors notes look. These notes will not be effective in getting you the mental rest that you need.


Another method that people use to get out of work is to find free printable doctors notes online. Just as with the homemade doctors notes, these notes are very risky to use in the workplace. These notes look extremely unprofessional and because they are free they have been created with very little time or effort. It is very easy for employers to tell that these notes are fake. These notes could potentially lose someone their job, giving them more personal days than they actually wanted.


The only way to get the time off that you need is to purchase a doctors note online. These notes look extremely professional and will get you some extra days off with no consequences from your boss. You will be able to return to work after a day or two feeling refreshed and ready to take on the work day. The small feel that these notes cost is well worth it because they will allow you to have some “me” time so you can work at your best.

How to Slack and Still Do Well at Your Job

by admin on December 13, 2011

A lot of people want to get by on as little work as possible. But, while they want to get by with as little work as possible, they still want to get ahead. Getting ahead, while not working too hard is a difficult thing to understand for most people.awesome clump of doctors notes Luckily, with a little bit of luck and a lot of skill anyone can do well at their job while still slacking. Here, are five ways to slack and still do well at your job.Show up to meetings. A lot of people get lost in the fray when working for a large corporation. It is easy to slack off on a day to day basis as long as you can let your presence be known. One way to do so is to show up to all meetings and sit near the front. While at meetings, you should ask questions and make your presence be known. People from the lower rungs of the ladder to the CEO will take notice if you are in all of the important meetings.Be sly. When working, you should work hard when people are around and slack while others are not around. This way you give the appearance of working hard while enjoying a more relaxed work pace most of the time. Remember, you can probably slack early in the morning, in the late afternoon and at lunch time. Take your lunch an hour later or earlier to maximize your slacking time. Be vocal. Not only should you be vocal in meetings, you should be vocal in other ways. Respond to emails, be noticeable and ask a lot of questions. Pretend you care about things and try and show a genuine interest. This will give management an impression you care, if they believe you care, the perception of you will be much greater.

Dress well. If you look serious and dress well, people will take you seriously. It is much easier to get away with slacking if people trust you. Do not overdress too much, but dress better than your co-workers. People from all areas of the company will trust you more and thus, be less likely to question you.

Be messy. You should have a lot of paperwork and items on your desk. It will appear that you are involved in multiple projects. Nobody will dare question your work effort if it appears as though you have your plate full.

When wanting to get away with slacking, it is important to carry yourself in a different way than other co-workers. You should exert confidence and make people think you truly care about the company. Do not try to kiss up to bosses or exaggerate, if you seem sincere you will be believed.

Using An Excused Absence

by admin on October 30, 2011

excused absencesEvery now and then a person needs to take some time off of work. Now people do not have sick days or vacation days. The only way a person can have an excused absence is by use of a doctor’s note. The internet is a great place to get doctor note templates that can be customized when a person needs a day off but is not really sick.

Looking for a fake doctors sick note?There are many templates for excuse notes on the internet. Some of these notes are even available for free. The free notes are not authentic looking and employers often can tell they are fake. There are many great websites that offer doctors notes that are from a real doctor. All a person has to do is download the template and fill it in with their information. This includes name and date. The medical condition is filled out. All of the forms were collected from real doctors and are real excuse notes. When a person needs a break from work and school fake doctors notes can help them get the rest they need without getting in trouble at their place of employment.

Using Excuse Forms from a Doctor

by admin on December 31, 2010

collection of doctors excuse notes1. Easy to find “fake” doctors notes

It’s kind of an embarrassing topic, but being able to skip a day or so of duties is sometimes the “very best feeling!” Where can you always get the nerve to ask your boss for an additional week so that you can go to your favorite shopping mall a few more times? It is almost “out of the question!” However, you know the saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Maybe the next time the decision is made to free up some time everyone will learn about “free fake doctor’s excuses?” Acquiring the traditional excuse form from a doctor is a great way to stop worrying “psychologically” about all of the formalities that go into being sponsored by your supervisor for time-off. No one likes to bother over and over with how they are going to leapfrog into the next situation that takes them to their point of destination. So, just relax and let the printable forms that are on the Internet do all the fussy business for you.

2. Making a believable fake doctor’s excuse work for you

If you’ve ever really enjoyed the experience of going to a Doctor and receiving a note that says: “Please excuse because of sickness,” you can save your job or college life from being dropped, entirely. It is actually easy to obtain a “fake” excuse form from a doctor that will save the day. Just log into your computer and submit a few “key words” explaining the existence of “fake doctor’s excuses” and bravo you will be printing them off in no time! There are doctor’s notes online completely downloadable and printable specifically made for office, school, or other various time-off issues.

3. What kind of fake doctor’s excuse is believable?

The right type of template or excuse note that will keep you unscathed is one that has very little details and looks authentic. Medical excuses that look like they were provided by the “local” hospital, emergency room, or doctor’s office are the ones that will never make a boss get suspicious. These types of doctors’ notes are safe because, due to privacy issues, professional doctors won’t put on added details to secure their safety in the public eye. Getting an excuse form from a doctor designed with very little details except that it’s from the local medical institution is the best practice.

4. Great ideals for faking your way off of work

Making an entirely believable fake sick day, can be as simple as knowing how to feign your way in and out of any boring situation. Making sure you have a list of “do-able” sicknesses that are treatable and take no time for recovery is what will make your doctor’s excuse look “real.” Also, only take as much time as you are asking for so that weaving “in and out” of any dilemma, is a synch! Going online to browse through fake doctors’ excuses can give you an idea of which sicknesses to use while feigning for extra time-off. This type of attitude will make it easier to maintain your believability and help you to stick to your fake excuse notes throughout the duration of your time-off!

How to Get Out of Work Early

by admin on December 13, 2009

some quality paperwork can help you outWhat are the best ways to get out of work early? This is a question I have pondered day in and day out. There’s nothing like the feeling of leaving your job early(especially during those long drawn out and uneventful days). I know I am not the only one who has experienced the rush and thrill of seeing your co-workers faces as you leave the work room, three to four hours early. They look at you with such envy and disdain that you can hardly keep from laughing and making fun of them. The best part is you get to go home or hang out with your friends for the rest of the day! If you need a great dr excuse, check out bestfakedoctorsnotes.net.

So What are the Best ways to Get off Work Early?

The best way to get out of work early is to claim an emergency. If you know in advance that the next workday will be extremely boring and uneventful you can have one of your friends call your job and pretend its an emergency. When you or your boss receives the urgent message all feelings of concern so take over your face. You want to look as if you are in a rush to leave the office(and trust me if its boring you will be). You also want to pre plan any answers to questions your boss may ask you. Certain questions maybe a bit impersonal, but always try to think of vague and general answers to any questions asked. Answer like my grandmother is sick should be avoided at all cost, instead try for something more original like your apartment being broken into. This excuse will help you get out of work, because the police will need to ask you questions on missing items and personal possessions.

Another great way to get out of work early is to pretend or fake an injury or illness. Either one can work, but an illness is better because its easier to fake than an injury. Common illness such as a sore throat or an ear ache should be avoided at all cost. Instead try something such as an bloody nose which can be achieved by placing small drops of red food coloring in the nostrils. The genius of this illness is you can vary the degree of the bloody nose,from a mild bump that will take some time to handle to an severe bloody nose that requires a leave of absence. You can also tell them that you suffer from bloody noses infrequently and have the medication at home to stop it. Its important that you mention that the medication makes you drowsy and you won’t be able to come back to work until tomorrow. Once you have finished acting you are home free! Hopefully this article has helped you come up with some tricky ways to successfully get out of work early. Its important to think of every scenario that may occur before attempting to leave, the best scout is an prepared one!.


How to Have a Day Off

by admin on December 11, 2008

Life is stressful. Most people have children, careers, and an active family life. While there are many things for people to juggle, there never seems to be enough time for rest and relaxation. How does taking a day off to sleep till noon, and doctors noteswatch television all day long sound? For most, taking a day off and having no responsibilities sounds too good to be true. The reality of the matter is there are many times we could use a day off, but there is a strict attendance policy in place that keeps us from it.
Skipping Work with a Fake Doctors Note
Most companies want a doctor’s excuse in order to keep a person from getting an occurrence or any other type of mark on their record. For those who have overextended their days off due to family illness or other circumstances, the doctor’s note may be what keeps them off the unemployment line. Most companies want you to go to the doctor and get a note just to take a day off, how expensive would that be? For those who don’t have medical insurance or those who simply cannot afford it, a day off could be a financial nightmare. Thankfully, using the internet, it is possible to use templates to create amazing professional looking doctor’s excuses. These notes can let you to have a day off, and keep still retail the employed status.Why
Use a Fake Doctors Note
For those who struggle with the question of whether they will get caught or not, it can become a moral issue to produce a fake document. First, companies make their attendance policies so strict for a reason; they don’t want people to miss work. While they will allow a couple days for sickness, they do not even take into consideration that sometimes people need a day off for rest. Companies push and push adding more stress, but frown when people need a mental health day. While there are many reasons why you may need a day off, these doctors excuses can be customized according to your situation. Want to make your excuse really good, like a hospital stay? It can easily be done with a template that will allow you to tailor your excuse with your needs in mind.The Key Is Making It BelievableWhen you are absent from work, you need a good excuse. A doctor’s excuse can be personalized depending on your need. For instance, let’s say that you have a back breaking project going on at work and it is causing great physical stress. You can avoid that project by having a doctor’s excuse. You don’t have to miss a day of work to be put on light duty. Want to sit at a desk and do paperwork while everyone else is breaking their backs? With these doctor’s note templates, you can put yourself on light duty and save yourself the strain and muscle pain. By producing the right papers or documents that your employer needs, you have just bought yourself a ticket to easy street. Thankfully, those who have no clue on how to write a doctor’s note can benefit greatly by using these free templates online. The key to any doctor’s note is to make it believable, and as real looking as possible.It’s The Small Details That Counts

Most HR departments in Columbus are always on the lookout for anything that is not as it should be. For instance, when you turn in a doctor’s excuse, it needs to have all the elements an HR clerk would look for. The excuse must have:

• Contact Phone Number
• Dates Of Visit
• Date Of Excuse
• Release Date Back To Work or School
• Clinic Or Doctor’s Office Information
• Professional Signature
• Some Sort Of Heading

These components are necessary and will keep an HR representative from making a phone call. The goal is to answer all their questions and prevent them from needing to conduct further investigation on your excuse. If putting yourself on light duty, make sure to spell everything out correctly. The goal is to ensure that there are no phone calls made to the doctor’s office, which will cause great problems for your job.

Sample Of Light Duty Fake Doctors Note

Valley Springs Hospital
786989 Columbus Street
Los Angeles, CA 90001
(758) 555-1238

December 7, 2012

To Whom It May Concern;

Your employee, Jennifer Thomas, was seen in our office today. It is necessary to put Jenifer on light duty for the period of two weeks. From December 7, 2012 until December 21, 2012 she is not permitted to be on her feet for a period of more than 10 minutes and cannot lift any item over 5 lbs.

Additionally, please excuse her from work for December 7, 2012. She can return to work on December 8, 2012 with her light duty restrictions in force. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office regarding this matter. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am till 6 pm. We can be reached at the number listed above.


Janet Snell
Family Physician

The Power Of The Written Word

In the above written sample, it made it appear that the person had been seen in the office on that day and had to be put on light restriction. The letter clearly spells out the dates that Jennifer is not able to be at work and is one light duty. The letter has a start date for the light duty, and also an ending date. What makes the doctor’s note even more believable is the fact that there are numerous attempts made to give them contact information. Employers will not question a document that outlines contact information and an open invitation to call. The thing to remember about writing an excuse from work or school is to actually have true information on the letter. If you are using a local clinic, and put the wrong street address, this could be a huge red flag to HR.

Less Is More on a Fake Doctors Excuse

While it may seem like you need to detail your entire medical history on an excuse, you do not have too. In fact, you are not required to tell anything to your employer other than the fact that you saw a doctor. With all the privacy acts that are in place surrounding the medical community, you never have to say anything about your medical history that you do not want too. Because this is seen as a personal matter, it can be used as your benefit. Even if you’re note says you were just discharged from the hospital, you are under no obligation to say why you were in the hospital.

The doctor’s note template can help you create amazing looking notes that are personal and don’t require anything but a computer and a printer. This printable excuses are so believable that there is no boss or supervisor that would ever questions the validity of the document. Because you need a day off once in a while, a doctor’s note allows you to do so, without getting in trouble .